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A Brief Response to the 2013 U.S. Government Shutdown

Over the past few days, the people of America, again experienced what some called "a failed democratic process", the negative effects of a bipartisan system of political discourse, which needs to be reconstructed, or what others may term as a neglected political system that continues to seek its own interests and positions despite fighting for the livelihoods and welfare of all Americans across the political, social, cultural, economic, and environmental spectra. Is this system working or should we be looking somewhere else?

It should be noted, however, that in the midst of these challenges, we emerge as a united people with a common front, which is, the will to put our nation first instead of our own selfish and ambitious interests. In the midst of disagreements, whether political or whatsoever, we should learn to build consensus, work in unity without hurting others, and be our brothers' keepers so to say, because all you are as (elected officials), you are in that position of authority because, we the people of America elected you into that office of power and influence. Whether or not you are the President of the United States, Representatives, and Senators. You are privileged to be in position of power and influence because "we the people so decide" and "we the people have that same authority" to request you to step down or vote you out, if you continue these trends of failing to put the people's will into effect! Do you ever asked yourself, wait a minute, why am I elected into this office? Am I here to serve my selfish little "self" or perpetuate the interests of the American people?

There is only one logical reason for a government shutdown, and the only logical one is, if you are not doing your job well, which is, if I should repeat, representing the people's interests by supporting legislatures, which put their interests over yours. You may argue that the people's interests whom you represent are complex and dynamics. Yes. We all agree on that front, but that doesn't mean that you can't perform your job. The old-school politics that is so entrenched in Washington supported and sustained by lobbyists of all sorts, including but not limited to multinational corporations, oil-mongers/suckers, the war machine, etc  searching for their piece of the cake has to come to an end. We the people are frustrated with the sense of irresponsibility that our government continues to exhibit across the political spectrum. We need doers who act on thinkers perceptions. In order to avoid further government shutdowns, there are some changes that need to be made proactively and those include, but are not limited to: i). stop the war machine business (military industrial complex), invest in domestic food production and reduce imports, invest in renewable energy and energy efficient products,  invest in mental health services and research, and CREATE MORE JOBS by promoting small businesses, investing in housing, education, and healthcare. These are the things we look forward to as a people. We are not interested in fruitless political hysteric at the expense and detriment of the American people. We deserve better from those in authority. Get the job done and shutdowns will be avoided.

No government power is over the power of the people that elected them. We elect government officials into positions of authority for them to seek our interests and welfare and not their selfish political ambitions. We the people expect you to lead diligently, sacrificing, and supporting the people for national prosperity. Even though I am not elected into my current position, but employ, if fail to do my job, I will first get a warning and if that condition persist, I will be fired for not accomplishing my job duties. If you continue to fail to do your job and keep us in these what seems to be a routine economic and political failures (shutdowns, depressions/recessions), which are senseless, unnecessary, and irresponsible, do not expect to be elected during the next round. We the American people need a reliable, consistent, trustworthy, and honest government with the balls to get things done irrespective of political affiliation. So, a hint to the wise is sufficient to sound this warning to you.


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