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The Term "Africa" at a Crossroads of Misconceptions and Reality?

To some, the term Africa is at the crossroads of becoming a "single country" among university and college students in the US and other western countries as oppose to a continent with 52 distinct countries with culturally different peoples, languages, governments, geography, and economies.
To some Africa is considered Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, surprisingly enough Iraq and Afghanistan and most recently ebola...what a bumber! This is partly due to the fact that what makes the headlines for that day, week or even month constitutes the definition of Africa among western university students. Yet to others the word "Africa" can be associated with their travel plans even though they might be traveling to a single country that is part of a huge, diverse, geographically different area.

We usually hear statements on diverse social, political, economic, development, tourism, and other issues such as "in Africa" this is like that, or &qu…