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A Brief Response to the 2013 U.S. Government Shutdown

Over the past few days, the people of America, again experienced what some called "a failed democratic process", the negative effects of a bipartisan system of political discourse, which needs to be reconstructed, or what others may term as a neglected political system that continues to seek its own interests and positions despite fighting for the livelihoods and welfare of all Americans across the political, social, cultural, economic, and environmental spectra. Is this system working or should we be looking somewhere else?

It should be noted, however, that in the midst of these challenges, we emerge as a united people with a common front, which is, the will to put our nation first instead of our own selfish and ambitious interests. In the midst of disagreements, whether political or whatsoever, we should learn to build consensus, work in unity without hurting others, and be our brothers' keepers so to say, because all you are as (elected officials), you are in that posi…

Regenerative Agriculture through Drip Irrigation Systems, Three-Sisters Garden Model and Small-scale Animal Farming: A Reflection from the Past

Drip Irrigation installed about 30cm away from raised-beds at a height of 1m. Source: RESPECT Ghana
The world is presently experiencing major changes that have been largely linked to anthropogenic activities and these changes influence the climate systems, leads to variations in the Earth's climate systems. “Global Warming” is causing many devastating changes in the earth’s global climate systems which also have significant implications on landforms, biodiversity, water systems, and atmospheric system. There is a need to take drastic actions now, if our species is to survive throughout the next 25 years. In order to continue to survive as a species, there is a need for us to become more proactive both at the local, national, and international levels on how we use our energy sources for a more sustainable future. A future that not only define our species, but also take into careful account our neighbors the plants, animals, water, land, air, and all those microscopic living and non-l…