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Pre-Departure Reflections: A Look at the Years Behind

RESPECT Intellectual Club, Meeting before I left Ghana

Time went bye so fast. I can still remember when I first landed on JFK International Airport in New York City on December 12 2006 before boarding a connection flight to Providence, Rhode Island where I was met by my mother and two staff members of the Lutheran Immigrants and Refugee Services (LIRS). LIRS was the resettlement agency that assisted my mother in processing my travel to the US from Ghana. I can still remember when I saw my mother after 14 years of separation how being reunited with someone you love so dearly can be. I still remember walking down the streets of the City of Worcester visiting the offices of Social Security Administration, Department of Transitional Assistant, Massachusetts Department of Motor Vehicles and other state and local agencies trying to find my way through these system. I still remember it was during the winter, falling as I walked to those offices. I remembered after a about 3 weeks I received m…