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The Secrets of the Liberian Civil War.

Have you ever wonder to be forcefully removed from your country because of something you believe in, association with or participated in, or membership of a political party, economic status, tribe or enthnicity or because your parents or relatives are part of certain tribe?

Life is very precious and we should all appreciate what we have today, because they are precious.

Before the civil war in Liberia (1989) majority of Liberians never thought they would ever travel beyond the borders of their country. Liberia was a peaceful country, but the peace of Liberia became to a doubt when in 1980 the first military coupe was staged in the oldiest country on the continent of Africa that led to the overthrown of President Tolbert and the subsequent alienation of 13 members of his government in broad daylight. This act led to a new era in Liberia's history as leadership was now turned into the hands of a native and uneducated man-Samuel Kayan Doe of the krahn ethnic group- my mother's trib…