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TRC: Liberia's only Hope to Bring to Justice Those Criminals That Destroyed Our Country.

Dear Brothers , Sisters, fellow citizens and countrymen and women it is great pleasure that I write this letter from Boston, Massachusetts to respond to current issues in Liberia most especially the recent report of the TRC. Liberians worldwide have been waiting to see if we can follow the footsteps of great nations like Ghana, South Africa and the like in promoting peace, stability, justice and unity. It is only through the legal process that those responsible for these acts can be brought to the rule of Law to face the consequences of their selfish acts which are perpetuated by their love for power, money and wealth. Those who promoted, facilitated and provided leadership in all its kind in the process of creating the 14 years civil upheavals that left about 300,000 people dead are now called upon by the Liberian people to resign from their current leadership function in the government and face justice.

I know this is going to be a very difficult task to accomplish, because most of …

Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa

Jenkins Macedo
Prof. Osama Abdelgadir
Framingham State University
Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa (GEOG 255 COA)
24 June 2009

Write a short essay (2-3 pages) to compare and contrast cultural value systems in the West with those in Sub-Saharan Africa. Focus on family ties, marriage and polygamy, fertility, and the role of women.
Sub-Saharan Africa is a region that is diversely significant in the world of geography. “Understanding the cultural geography of Sub-Saharan Africa is, thus, fundamental to understanding the geography of the region which include its political situation, its medical geography, its population dilemma, and the current development crisis” (Aryeeteh-Attoh et al, 2003). We cannot fully discuss the cultural value systems which include the family organizational patterns, the institution of marriage and fertility as well as the role of women without briefly discussing the effects of colonialism and western influences in the region.Also, this paper shall seek to address t…

A Classical Theory Paper on The Movie "Brazil."

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The Criterion Edition of the 1985 movie known as ‘Brazil’ detailed significant classical theoretical concepts of Max Weber. The paper discussed how specific scenes and dialogues in the movie are related to Weber’s view of the world from a theoretical perspective.

Source: Weber (1864-1920) was a pessimistic classical theorist unlike Karl Marx (1818-1883) who was more optimistic about events occurring in society. He believes that society will gradually become difficult and there is nothing that we can do to fix it. His theory was based on two ultimate themes which are reflected in his entire theoretical thesis: firstly, “the emergence of capitalism as the dominant form of organization in the West and secondly, the relationship between ideas and actions” (McQuaid, summer 1 Lecture, 09). These two components of Weber’s theoretical works were reflective…

Writing a Book About My Plight to Refuge and My Experiences as a Refugee

I am Jenkins Macedo a senior student at Worcester State College with double major in Sociology and Geography with concentration in Environmental Studies. I am a Liberian refugee seeking refuge in the US as a result of the 14 years civil wars in Liberia. Throughout the war and my experiences seeking refuge throughout Western Africa I experienced hardships of every kind leading from discrimination, stereotypes, denial of basic human rights, etc.
I would love to write a book about my plight to the US as well as how my country's history shapes the way to the 14 years civil wars.
I love Professor's Zinn approach in writing the history of the United States that most historians don't consider. Looking at the past, present and future in the eyes of the victims. I would like to write my story using this prospective and wish if anyone can direct me along the way. I am open to discussions, suggestions, and recommendations as to what to do to get started.
Jenkins Macedo