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TRC: Liberia's only Hope to Bring to Justice Those Criminals That Destroyed Our Country.

Dear Brothers , Sisters, fellow citizens and countrymen and women it is great pleasure that I write this letter from Boston, Massachusetts to respond to current issues in Liberia most especially the recent report of the TRC. Liberians worldwide have been waiting to see if we can follow the footsteps of great nations like Ghana, South Africa and the like in promoting peace, stability, justice and unity. It is only through the legal process that those responsible for these acts can be brought to the rule of Law to face the consequences of their selfish acts which are perpetuated by their love for power, money and wealth. Those who promoted, facilitated and provided leadership in all its kind in the process of creating the 14 years civil upheavals that left about 300,000 people dead are now called upon by the Liberian people to resign from their current leadership function in the government and face justice.

I know this is going to be a very difficult task to accomplish, because most of these former warlords and their alleged promoters are power-center and they concern about themselves and no one else.

Let it be known to those who names were mentioned few months ago in the TRC’s final report that they wouldn’t go free until they are legally found not guilty for the crime(s) that was or were alleged against them. We are all Liberians and we have to make this system work together for the betterment of our country.

Let it also be known that no one can stand and threaten our legal system from running its course of legal activities. Not even a former warlord has that audacity to threaten the constitution of the Republic of Liberia. The legal system as time permits will be carried out its function to bring to light all those that assisted in any form in making the Liberia people suffered throughout the 14 years that we were at war.

Liberia will never experience total peace when we leave those responsible for committing crimes against humanity and world crimes go free. Each individual most face the consequences of his or her actions.

I understand that most of us feel that letting bygone be bygone will leave the country at peace. If we keep stuffing hatred, wickedness and injustices in our bag what will come later in our country’s history will be worst than what we experienced these past years. We should remember that Liberia does not belong to a single individual, family, tribe, organization or political enterprise. If everyone in Liberia pass out today, Liberia will still survive. Likewise, the earth doesn’t rely on people to survive. The earth lives without people. Liberians must take care of the land they have, because we are stewards to those lands. So, bringing to justice people who mismanages or promoted atrocities on the land is a natural and biblical process.
The current leadership of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf needs to follow in the direction of former President Charles Taylor. He was president and yet had to resign even though it was a difficult decision to consider. However, he did and is now on trial for his involvement in supporting the Sierra Leone civil war. Current government officials of Liberia are no excuse to this process. They too need to put their “big hearts” under their feet and submit to the constitution of the Republic of Liberia. We are all equal in front of the Law and before the law we all have equal representation. They are accountable for their support and involvement during the civil war. They now need to stand up and promote justice, peace, unity and transparency, because only through this means can Liberia truly be at peace.

President Sirleaf, women all over the world are watching the decision you will take in the midst of all these allegations. It will do you more good than harm to bring yourself to justice as oppose to staying in power and prolong the process for justice to take her course. If you continue to stay in power without respecting the rule of law which you also preach will portray a negative image of Africans leaderships to the world and also the leaderships and roles of African women. It is unconstitutional to remain in public office when you previously supported a rebellion that left 300,000 Liberians killed and thousands more spread throughout the world in refugee camps. Your support and verbal authorization of the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) under the military leadership of Mr. Charles G.T. Taylor and other rebel factions after you denounced him cannot be underestimated in the process of cultivating national unity, peace and stability. I am so sorry that you have to go, but every true Christian, traditionalist, and Islamist know this fact. Liberia can become a better nation without you.

If you resist stepping down from your current leadership function remember that you are only showing to the world how wicked and evil you are. Because from the dawn of time your egocentric plight to become president of Liberia cannot be overlook as well. You have played your cards well, but it is also time that you go down.


Jenkins Macedo


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