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My Energy Consumption

My Energy Use

Energy is the capacity and the ability to do work. It requires energy to do everything. The sun is the powerhouse of energy for the earth. The sun’s energy is use to power all metabolic processes in plants and animals, microscopic organisms, and also natural processes such as the water cycle, decomposition of dead plants and animals remains, volcanoes and earthquakes, and weather conditions on earth just to name a few. The sun is paramount in our daily lives.
However, overtime human has developed several technologies to process raw materials extracted from the earth to serve as different sources of energy for the operation of sophisticated machineries and equipments for their use. It is against this background that I would like to share how I use energy personally and professionally. In order to state my energy use I would like to mention all the technologies that I currently use and how often I use them.
I do have one vehicle (2008 Pontiac G6) runs on 30 MPG on the Highway, a Macbook version 13 (7 hours on full battery), an energy star Samsung Blue Ray DVD Player, an Energy Star 32” High Definition TV, an Energy Star Brother 7040 Laser Printer and a PlayStation 3.
I drive 7 miles to work for 5 days a week. I do not drive on Saturdays and Sundays. I stay home and do my work. If I have to go out I use my bike. In an event that I have to go out during or after a snowstorm I do use my car. I rarely drive during or after snowstorms. I watch television for an hour every night for the news and browse the Internet three times a week. On Sundays, I watch a movie using my Blue Ray DVD Player and play video games for 30 minutes. After that I walk or joke down to the YMCA for some routine exercises to keep my body healthy.
I also switch off all lights in my apartment when I am going out. To also save energy, I sometimes wash my dishes in the sink instead of using the dishes washer. Last year my landlord bought energy efficient washers and dryers. However, I use the laundry only when I have a full load of clothes instead of washing few clothes and eventually wasting lot of energy through that means.
During the summer months, I usually bike to work cutting down my driving and also saving enough money to pay my bills for the rest of the year. I work with the City of Worcester Department of Parks and Recreation during the summer and assigned at Elm Park.
I also grow vegetables locally at a community garden in Main South during the summer and volunteer at the Youth Grow at the Regional Environment Council. I also buy from other local gardeners in Worcester and totally discourage myself from eating fast food and processed food.
Professionally, I work at Claremont Academy near Clark University as an instructional assistant. At work, I have limited access to computers and the Internet, because most of the time I am assisting students on a one-on-one basis. At work I switch off the lights in the classroom before leaving. At school I am involve in recycling materials that can be recycled such a papers and cans.
In order to save energy for a sustainable future of the City of Worcester and for Worcester State College is to install more energy efficient lights bulbs in all the buildings on campus, install motion detectors in all classes. That way lights in individual classes will only be able to come on whenever someone is in the building. The installation of windmills on the campus of Worcester State college will not only primarily provide energy for the college, but it could also reduce the amount of electricity that the college use to run the buildings and power all the computers. The college should now start thinking of installing energy efficient computers. Can you imagine how much energy and revenue the college could save as a result of using energy efficient computers, projectors and printers? All the computers, printers and photocopiers on campus are not energy efficient. There is a need for the college to replace these equipments. It is going to be very expensive in doing this, but over time the college will benefit and will also reduce the amount of greenhouse gas release into the earth’s atmosphere.
In conclusion, there is a need for us to change the way in which we use energy to a more efficient and sustainable manner. These aspects should not be underestimated, because taking a little step now can make a big difference personally and professional, individually and collectively. Saving energy today saves the earth for future generations.


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