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Letter of the Day: TRC, Liberians Need the Truth to be Unveiled!

The Editor,

Thanks for your usual support to the Liberian people and international community at large for always making the voices of the voiceless to be heard about issues that is affecting our country, Liberia.

Are we only concern with the confessions of only those killed during the 14 years civil war in a bid to gather the facts of what their roles were? Do we also need to bring to justice all those who supported the civil war by providing logistics, finance, moral and psychological support to the rebel factions during those period of civil unrest? It is true that Mr. Charles Taylor is currently facing trail in the Hague for war crimes committed in Sierra Leone.

What about those who stood behind Mr. Taylor's large destruction of our youth by staging the civil war. I do believe that the person who supports a crime is as guilty as the one who committed crime. All should be brought to justice.If that is done, we will be finished with the matter and all will go to rest. We all need to taste the piece of the pie, because we all facilitated the various processes in the establishment of that pie. What do I mean? The civil war that
brought the country to moral, economic, social, global and traditional disgrace was staged by people behind the scenes, in the scene and in front of the scene.

I do believe that the most dangerous of all those scenes are those particularly who claim innocent, but provided their finances and contacts to support the killings and destruction of thousands of innocent people. We all need to eat
the consequences of the cake we have all prepared for ourselves. There should be no exclusion for people to be presented before the commission.

In Ghana, before President Jerry John Rawlings office could end, the Reconciliation Commission called upon the president of Ghana for allegations that were staged against him about his involvement in the country's crisis. He
honored the invitation and was provided the opportunity to answer questions posed by the commission. Today in Ghana, the president is free to move around and also most people at least feel satisfy that he could answer their
questions. This should also be practiced in Liberia. The TRC need to not only investigate warlords, but also those known-secret supporters of the Liberian civil wars, most especially the NPFL, INPFL, UNIMO-K, UNIMO-J, LURD, AFL, MODEL,LPC, LDF and many other factions that participated in our country's senseless and brutal civil war.

If Butt Naked's UNIMO-J, Prince Johnson-INPFL, General Zoo Quiah-NPFL, George Boley, President Sirleaf and collaborators, Charles Taylor and his group, etc were involved, the TRC needs to get to the root of the Liberian civil war issues and not only devote their attention to those only who implemented what others plan in the higher ups.

We all listened to radio reports mostly BBC, CNN, VOA, Radio Afrique and Radio France during the period of the civil war in Liberia. People made statements on those media about staging perfect destruction on the capital, if the then president (Samuel Doe) will not step down. Others made statements why in the dense forest to fight until Charles Taylor steps down. All those people need to be questioned and brought in front of the TRC for questioning and thoroughly investigated, because their influences, financial, moral and leadership support serve as a stepping of motivation for those people to kill.

I am recommending that it is now time for us to not only investigate those who killed and committed other crimes, but also those who consciously financed the civil war.

Liberia needs a free leadership and not one that will be excusing others because of their pre-meditated ideas about others. We need someone who was free in all sense of the word - directly connected with the civil war. If and only if
we need to remain where we are and continue in peace, we need to be truthful to the Liberian people about our involvement in the civil war. Because, it is only by doing that alone will there be extreme peace, trust, unity, love and true friendship.

Jenkins Macedo
Worcester, Massachusetts


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