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Joshua Blayee: Stop the Lies! Liberians Need Peace-makers not Story Tellers

The Editor

Thanks for the opportunity to be able to once more air my position in respect to issues happening in Liberia most especially to the recent so-called "confession" made by Butt Naked who arrived in the country from the Buduburam
Liberian Refugee Camp located at about 45 miles away from Accra, the capital of Ghana. I once lived on that camp for about 11 years ranging from 1995 to 2006 before finally coming to the United States in later part of December, 2006.

Before I analytically criticize Mr. Blayee's so-called confessions before and during the 14 years civil war that we LIBERIANS went through, I must also be very frank to recognize his plight to settle the issues with his fellow Liberians regarding his involvement in the killings and senseless destructions that were carried out at the expense of the innocent people, because of greed, corruption, wickedness, extreme evil, hatred, greed for power and the so-called black magic which has so blinded him and his followers.

I must also appreciate the fact that he now claims to be a Christian by professing that Christ is his personal savior. Without the position to judge his true confession as a convert to Christianity, it is also expedient that GOD knows and understands the hearts, thoughts and mind of man. He lone is the perfect and accurate judge of us all.

On this note, I would also like to inform him and all those who stood and listen to his confession made on the 16th of January, 2006 that they are filled with blind spots which continue to show the way that there are inconsistencies to his story.

Before arriving in Monrovia to appear before the TRC to state his group's involvement in the civil war, I bought a Documentary from Providence, Rhode Island from a Liberian owned market about the Liberian civil war to see what
the authors of this hour plus documentary had to cover on the civil war. I also want to thank the producers of the film the documentary (Gerald K. Barclay and his executive producer John Kweku Eshun) for coming up with this documentary.

It is a great product. The title of the documentary is: Liberia: The Love of Liberty Brought Us Here! You can also access this by visiting the website: www.THELOVEOFLIBERTY.COM.

In this documentary the producers were able to visit both in Ghana and Liberia, visit peace conferences in Ghana as well as interview General Butt Naked about his personal involvement in the civil war.

From what Butt Naked said on this documentary about his involvement before and during the civil crisis pictured to be inconsistent with the facts? The questions raised by Sgt. Johnnie Gayechuway about the confession made by Butt
Naked needs to be answered adequately, because the facts are covered with dark blankets of lies and erroneous confessions.

If Mr. Blayee started killing before December 24, 1989 when the 14 years civil war that is now under investigation by the TRC, how many of the 20,000 people he and his group killed were actually killed during the civil wars under question. If he and his group killed those amount of people during the events of the civil war under review, how did that happened, where did those killings take place and when and by whom?

If Mr. Blayee is actually seeking peace and reconciliation with the people of Liberia, he should be able to state the facts more in detail, with specifics and stop concealing the details. We want to know his involvement. What he did as a person. What were his specific roles in the killings?

Also, I would like to look at the issues of warlords taking the issues of religion (Christianity) to serve as a safe haven to plea for forgiveness. The first person to do that was the former General Prince Johnson who claimed that he has been converted and as such started to minister to others, forgetting to know that the same bible says "the soul that sin shall died, the son will not bear the iniquity of father neither will the father bear the iniquity of the son." Ezekiel 4:18-20.

The soul that sin shall die. I am not stating here that any of those persons shall die, but we should remember what the late Bob Marley said - what goes around must come around. If Blayee and other warlords needs forgiveness, they should stop using Christianity as a scapegoat society's decision their involvement during the war.

It is frustrating to note that until we stop the lies, we can not frankly be forgiven.

When I watched the documentary, Butt Naked mentioned that he was the chief priest of the Krahn people. When did that happened? How did he become chief priest? He also mentioned in the documentary and also I do believe that he might have mentioned it during his confession that he personally met with the "devil" isn't that blasphemous? His description of the devil in his confession on the tape does not represent the scriptural description of the Bible. Who do I now believe? His wickedness carried out during the civil war along with his followers were acts carried out by extreme hatred and wickedness.

Liberians are now tire of all those lies. If and only if, we are able to confess our sins with more meekness, gentleness, sincerity, truthfulness and love, I do believe those who love ones, friends, families and relatives were killed during the war will be able to sit side-by-side, and once more live together. We should stop the lies.

Jenkins Macedo,
Worcester, Massachusetts


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