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Shaping the City of My Dream

I can shape the city of my dream through working with other young people of my age range in creating awareness about issues that are currently of significant importance to our communities, nation and world at large such as clean air, sustaining the environment through creating awareness about safe and sustainable human practices that can reduce the waste in our communities, peer-to-peer education about drugs abuse, gangs, teenage pregnancy, domestic violence that has taken our city, growing and eating locally as oppose to traveling several miles to purchase our food stuff, redirecting our consumption pattern about energy needs and always been an example about whatever I talk to my friends about. Most of the problems in my city today are associated with the issues listed above. It is my hope that through this paper, youth within my area or other communities will get to understand that today’s leadership have failed us and it is only when we take out leadership roles today through acquiring the necessary education needed to hold public, private and personal responsibilities can we effect positive change to make the city a place we all want to see it. It is now time that the youth need to stand up and stop been naïve that their governments, local community organizations, churches or our parents can make those changes that we all want to see happening in order to make life what it should be- safe!

What can I do to Shape the City of My Dream?
The city of my dream is a place where every person young and old, disabled and healthy, weak and strong, Whites, Blacks, Asians, Hispanic and can live free. It is a place where wars are not seen as legitimate processes to end violence and terrorism. It is a place where diplomatic processes with good and bad ending their differences in a peaceful and compromising manner that will eliminate violence, wars, etc. It is a place where the there is no poverty amongst its people, because everyone will be able to share their resources with the needy in a voluntary manner. It is a place where the children are considered precious stone and provided with the education that is needed to foster development and sustainability. It is a place where the poor sees himself strong and the rich sees himself stronger. It is a place that the government locally and nationally sees themselves as servants of the people, rather than they seeing the people as servants. It is a place that everyone sees himself as important as possible and there is no distinction between the rich and the poor on the line that they are all able to eat good food, drink safe and clean drinking water, have a safe, sound and comfortable house to sleep, to be able to get treatment when they all fall sick, access to public transportation, free to associate with other groups no matter their social orientation. A place where there is no distinction between a black, white and Hispanic students, a place where they all can share, respect each other and live without those negative stereotypical attitudes which lead to dislike, violence and civil unrest. A place that will always be considered sound, safe, clean and beautiful. A place that people from other cultures, nations and works of life can come and visit. A place that children can be respected and the issues of child abuse can be done away with. A place that every child, no matter your parents’ social, economic, political and ethnic background can get the require education both at the secondary and college levels. A place that freedom rings in the ears of the morning stars as the birds sing in our windows. A place you are happy to sleep at night and refreshed when you wake up from sleep. A place that the animals are not abuse, kill and destroy. A place that they live in their natural habitat without escaping human activities as a result of our crude and selfish attitudes to occupy and destroy nature and its hosts. A place that the trees, grasses and other plant species live to elongate their generation and continuously refresh, refill and protect the earth from destruction. A place that the fishes in the seas, oceans, rivers, creeks, lakes, streams, lagoons and the countless water-bodies under the sky remain safe for their lives to continue as it was before we came here. A place that the birds will only be the creature to fly and no aircraft, space ships, rockets, etc to pollute the atmosphere with all those fossil fuel gases ejected from burning jet engines. A place the air remains safe and good to sustain human existence. A city that will always flourish, because her people redefined their motives and redesigned how to use their scarce and limited resources in a sustainable manner. A city where people ride their bicycle, walk, run and talk more closely as oppose to motor vehicles, train, buses, airplane and talking on cell phones for which we have become economic slaves to these material things. We have become slaves, because we accepted those materials things to cloud our city and thus overtake us. In order to see my city this way, it is also imperative for me as well as others to act and act more quickly, precisely and concisely.
In order to create those changes that I am proposing in this essay to shape the city of my dream, it is very important for me to take the process myself and stop blaming the governments locally and nationally for effecting positive changes in my city. I do believe that from the community level, the change most come from me, since I am at the base of my city; that is, the community in which I am living. As a young person, there are several ways through which I can shape the city of my dream. One of such ways is to reduce the amount of Carbon Footprint that I am releasing into the atmosphere which is thus causing the changes in climate. One way in achieving that at my city level which also has a significant impact on shaping my city is by reducing the amount of energy that I consume every day. I can help reduce the amount of energy that I consume by not leaving my electronic material plug when I am not using them. I can also use alternative energy sources such as the solar energy, windmill or energy produce from vegetation such as grasses or waste materials. By reducing the amount of energy that I as an individual consume on a daily basis in my city, I am helping to subsequently shape the energy crisis of my city as well as the nation at large. I can also shape the city of my dream by also educating or joining with others to create awareness through a non-violent means about what, why and how we are doing those things that we are doing. By creating awareness and educating the people of my family, neighborhood, community, city, state and nation at large, I am effecting positive change which over time will have a significant impact on my city.
For me to effect positive change and shape the city of my dream, it also very important to target the young men and women of my city, because they like me constitute about 45% of the State of Massachusetts population. Targeting the youth is very easy. Through community service organizations, churches, public and private schools, after school programs such as the Boys and Girls Club, YWCA and YMCA, Girls Incorporation, etc., programs can be instituted in these already existing facilities and structures to educate and create awareness of the issues listed in this paper. When the mindset of the youth are redirected more positively, we will all see the changes we want to see and thus the city of my dream will be fulfilled. One of the characteristics of the city of dreams which was not mention earlier is one in which youth have meaningful decision making choices as to what and how communities are set up, because they (youth) are the primary users of such facilities and they stay with these programs for years before becoming adults. So, if these facilities and structures are not well design, their come up process will be significantly affected. So, concentrating on youth led programs is one way, I can change the city in which I so desire to see coming to existence. So, empowering youth through community service activities will be one of the means through which I will help shape my city and make it a reality more sustainable to people, because they were part of the process in making it what it is.
This also goes to providing educational opportunities for the disabled to assisting the elderly folks. From assisting the homeless and hungry ones to assisting providing sound, safe and accessible healthcare to baby mothers, pregnant women, etc.


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