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The civil war in Liberia started on December 24, 1989 and left the country totally destroyed with an approximate death 300,000 people with millions scattered throughout the world.Under the leadership of Former President Charles G. T. Taylor Liberians suffered massive humiliation, rapes, child soldiers recuitments, extreme poverty and hunger, massive killings, tortures and sufferings of all kinds. With the assistance of the International Community and the United States in particular through the hard working leadership of Former President George Walker Bush, Jr. Taylor was outset from office in 2003 and is currently in the Hague, The Nethersland undergoing trials committed against humanity specifically for his alleged crimes committed against the people of Sierra Leone. Through the humanitarian gestures of the American people and the generosities of previous Presidents of the US and Senators and Representatives of various States, the US Government was able to accommodate Liberian refugees and asylum seekers fleeing the civil wars in Liberia that lasted for about 18 years. Let it be known that it was through this same US Refugee Resettlement Program that today I am a permanent Resident of the US. As of now, there are about 14,000 Liberians seeking refugee and or asylum in the US. A small percentage of that number constitute a population that was granted Temporary Protective Status to live as legal residence in the US until situations were resolved in Liberia. I am talking about 3,600 TPS. This number may sky rocket, because there are some refugees who have not yet receive their permanent residence status and as such according to the law are also targeted for deportation about 2,000 Liberian refugees live in Massachusetts (LIRS, 2007).Also, most of those who are ear-marked to be deported as of 31st March, 2009 are people who are legally working, living and have businesses in this country and are also contributing immensely towards the economic development of their communities, states and nation at large. They also have children who were born and as such these children become US citizens. If these people are deported how will their kids survive? WHO WILL TAKE CARE OF THEM? Who will claim their businesses they established. The communities and states in which they are working will have immense setbacks.Also, considering the fact that Liberia now has an elected female President (Ellen Johnson Sirleaf) who is working very hard to make things better does not necessarily mean it is now time for these people to go home? Why? Because, the infrastructures, schools, roads, educational systems, health facilities in major cities and counties were destroyed. There are no effective sanitation programs in most communities. People do not have access to safe and clean drinking water. Monrovia the capital city of Liberia is over-populated, because the rural areas do not have those basic facilities for people to survive adequately. Children have to walk several kilometers or miles to attend school. The few schools that are operating by NGOs are over-populated. Currently, according to the CIA World Facts Book Liberia has the population of about 3.3 million people and the current situation can not provide health services for those that are there? If 14,000 people are deported to Liberia from the US in the coming few weeks what will become of the country?Liberian refugees from Ghana numbering in their thousands are told they will be repatriated by March, 2009 from the Buduburam refugee camp in Accra and also from Krisan refugee camp in Takoridi? Liberian Refugees from Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Mali, Ivory Coast and other countries will follow and guess what? Liberia does not have the resources to accommondate those returnees.I do believe that President Ellen-Johnson Sirleaf is strongly advocating for refugees and asylum seekers to return to Liberia, but can the country hold the influx of these people? Currently, there are about 15,000 UN Peace Keeping Force in Liberia? Liberia does not yet have a full equip security force to combat external aggression if one does happen. I am not saying that one will. How can we protect these people if the UN forces leave? Is Liberia truly safe in the absent of rebels fighters?Please, let us all talk to our Senators, Representatives, Local, State and Federal Government that Liberia is not yet ready to take in these people. This will be a massive mistake if we let it happen.Join me in this forum and plead to the US Government to either extend the TPS for those who are yet in this situation or provide them permanent residency in the US.God Bless America and God Bless Us All.


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